Believe in Yourself
  Book Review for the year 2016-17  

We aim at developing Clay India International Senior Secondary School (CIISSS), into an institution that would breakthrough the traditional norms of the Indian education system and develop it into one that would provide students with the best in education and technology, through practical experience and exploration.

Academic and Personal Empowerment - Education in the true sense implies, development of skills of each pupil at individual and academic levels to an extent that would enable each one of them to use their capabilities, optimally. We believe that inquisitive minds should be put to work. It is with this perspective that CIIS has introduced the concept of 'Education through Experimentation'. The curriculum at CIIS would motivate students to engage in research work, ensuring that their mental horizons broaden and they possess an open outlook towards life. At CIIS, we make sure that the energies of young minds are properly channelised towards creativity and self-actualization. Our Motto ........

Following Conventions, Enhancing Individuality, Nurturing Interests of the Young Minds and thus preparing India for a bright tomorrow. At CIIS, we believe that dedication, devotion and conviction are the essentials for building on a child's personality into that of a successful individual.

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